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The story of VisionAquila is a tale to tell. Kiran Ghadge the founder of VisionAquila, who was formerly a User Experience designer in a renowned software company, started his creative career as a photographer. And to click unique pictures he travelled a lot. During one of his such travels he was shocked to see a state of a river that was home to hundreds of birds. The place was under tremendous pressure due to the development going on in the surrounding areas. There was filth and garbage and stink. But his keen eye saw that the birds were trying hard to adapt to it. He tried to talk to many people and reach out to them to do something about it. But it failed to make an impact. No one seemed to realize the gravity of the situation. Kiran knew he had to find a new way to tell this. Story. People love to listen to stories and remember them long after they have seen it. So, he made his first story about this dying river. It touched people and they could easily relate to the distress of the birds. They not only saw the beauty of the place but also the harsh truth about how people are about to destroy it.  The response the film received was astounding. His film was not only appreciated locally but also internationally. He even received an award for it. Now everyone knew about this place and support it needed. This encouraged him to make many more such films which were well received and succeeded in making an impact. Watching his success at storytelling and making these films, one of his friends approached him to make a story about his product that he was finding difficult to market. Kiran revamped his website, clicked some pictures of his awesome product and made a film of how his product changed lives. Within no time his product was known and his product got the success it deserved. So, one success story followed another.  This made Kiran realize that there may be others who have great products and services but want their stories told and who want to reach out to the world and make an impact. This made him start VisionAquila that tells stories of your ideas, passion, hard work and your vision for the world to see.

Films, pictures, websites or be it any other media, VisionAquila makes you stand out unique and successful. It is a team of very creative and passionate people who love to tell stories.

We are not only aware of our duty towards our customers but also concerned about our environment. We at VisionAquila believe that being a part of this world we owe a great responsibility towards it. Working towards the betterment of our environment and its conservation is the main foundation of our organization. So apart from the initiatives we undertake we also give a percentage of every assignment we undertake towards making this world a better place. Be it tree plantations, cleanliness drives, rescue operations, conservation films, awareness drives etc we try and contribute to it in whatever way we can.

Meet The Team

Founder & Story-teller

Kiran Ghadge is a well-known award-winning Filmmaker and Photographer. He has worked extensively on wide range of films. The various categories include films for Industries and Products, interior designers and architects, Resorts and locations, Property dealers, builders, events, biographies, action packed rescue operations, documentaries, short films, feature length films and creative films.

His films about wildlife and conservation have received acclamation worldwide and screened internationally. His photographs have adorned the wall of various exhibitions and published in national and international publications. He is often invited to give guest lectures at various institutions and events on filming and photography. His concern for nature and love of wildlife associates him with many NGOs and is involved in plantation and awareness drives, rescue operations and workshops.

Having qualified and starting his career as a User Experience Designer, Kiran has a long clientele for his designing capabilities as well and worked on numerous domains that include Software products and Apps, Banking, Education, Sales, Heathcare, Telecom, Automobile, Insurance, Hospitality Industry etc.

To know more about Kiran visit his personal website at www.gkiran.com

Story Writer,Voice Over Artist and Production specialist

Radhika Ghadge was formerly a Software professional before she joined VisionAquila fulltime. She has often worked with Kiran before on some of his projects. Her interest in social welfare and animal conservation is what inspired her to join this team. Her exceptional skills in storytelling and writing is a great value addition to the organization.

Her long experience in various domains in the Software Industry promises perfect solutions for your software development needs including Software analysis, database design/normalization, and product development.

Apart from love of reading she loves recycling things and creating art out of waste materials.


Nivedita Joshi, a young filmmaker and photographer, graduated from MIT Institute of Design, specializing in film designing. During her course she has learned to make documentaries, music videos, promotional films, ad films and
short films. She has worked on different types of films under MIT ID Productions.
She was fortunate to get an opportunity to work with some of the well-known film makers of India on different wildlife films. One of the films called ‘The Tiger Who Crossed The Line’ received the National Award as a best environmental film for which she worked as a Postproduction assistant. As a part of her course and graduation, she has independently made film on Grassland Habitat for which she was scriptwriter, director, cinematographer and editor. She has also worked with the Forest Dept. for a Rehkuri Balckbuck Sanctuary Trailer.

She loves to travel, explore, discover and conserve nature.

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